Filtrexx® Northeast Systems is New England’s Authorized Dealer of the original, patented compost filter sock. We provide SiltSoxx™ and GardenSoxx® manufactured at our facility in Goffstown, NH; available at distributors throughout New England. Our line includes products for applications including perimeter control, ditch checks, inlet protection, dewatering structures, green walls, shoreline restoration and modular gardening applications.  We also have a complete line of products for the removal of specific pollutants, including:

  • - Heavy Metals – Metalloxx™
  • - Hydrocarbons – Petroloxx™
  • - Nutrients – Nutriloxx™
  • - Bacteria – Bactoloxx™


Filtrexx® Northeast Systems also provides Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ mesh and training for those wishing to install Filtrexx products themselves on site. Basic training includes applications for perimeter control inlet protection and dewatering structures. Advanced training will open up opportunities in green wall construction, shoreline restoration and steep slope stabilization.  Available from Filtrexx® Northeast Systems through out: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Using Filtrexx® products is your assurance that the product:

  • - Avoids the risk of regulatory non compliance
  • - Eliminates costly re-install and non compliance costs for Contractors
  • - Saves money for you and your customer over the life of the project


Filtrexx®, Let Nature Do It® and Gardensoxx® are Registered Trademarks of Filtrexx International, LLC. Filtrexx® Certified™, Filtersoxx®, Siltsoxx™, GrowingMedia™ are Registered Trademarks of Filtrexx International, LLC Living Wall™, FilterCell™, FilterMedia™ are Registered Trademarks of Filtrexx International, LLC